authornwolf (authornwolf) wrote in author_n_wolf,

Book Review: Advent of Dying by Sister Carol Anne O’Marie

Finding her loyal secretary Suzanne Barnes murdered outraged Sister Mary Helen.  Even more appalling, her murder occurred during Advent, a time of high expectations for the birth of Jesus Christ.  No one knows who could have murdered Barnes, and no one know much about the reclusive victim.  Thus, finding the killer depends on knowing Barnes’ past.  As Sister Mary Helen launches her own investigation, she discovers that the quiet young woman had led a troubled life that followed her many miles to San Francisco. 

Meanwhile, Kate Murphy-Bassetti grapples with deciding whether to become a mother or continue being a detective.  Her husband Jack Bassetti longs for a baby and hopes his wife will share that vision.

Using vivid details, Sister O’Marie illustrates the winding streets of San Francisco, the fickle winter weather, plus the juxtaposition of a mother who gave up the baby she loved and a mother who has every opportunity to keep her baby.         

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